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Physical Education

Physical Education Statement

The Anthony W. Ochoa Physical Education Department strives in following standards that benefit a child's long term welfare. We incorporate traditional and non traditional games, health and fitness related course work, and exercise science based fitness programs to accomplish this goal.

Through our activities we encourage teamwork, cooperation, and fair play. The program helps increase the student's self esteem and sense of security. Our physical education classes facilitate stress reduction, increase energy, and provide outlet for self-expression.

National Physical Fitness Exam

The fitnessgram is a comprehensive assessment battery for youth. It includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Our test window is February through May. The tests include the mile run, curl ups, trunk lifts, and push ups. Height and weight are done also measured.

Students ultimately need to learn to self-assess their fitness levels, interpret assessment results, plan personal programs, and motivate themselves to remain active on their own.

Anthony W. Ochoa Middle School Physical Education Department Goals and Policies

Anthony W. Ochoa Middle School
Physical Education Department Goals and Policies
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The Ochoa Physical Education Department strives in following standards that benefit a child’s long term welfare.  We incorporate “traditional” and “non-traditional” games, Health and Fitness related coursework, and Exercise Science based fitness programs to accomplish this goal. 

  • Develop overall health-related fitness and understanding of every student
  • Acquire awareness of the importance of lifelong commitment to health and wellness
  • Establish lifelong habits
  • Educate and promote wellness concepts that will allow them to reduce the risk of health problems
  • Encourage teamwork, cooperation, and fair play
  • Prepare students with skills required for future endeavors to various individual, team, and alternative activities  
  • Improve overall mental health and contribute to academic growth
  • Increase the student’s self-esteem and sense of security
  • Facilitate stress reduction, increase energy, and provide an outlet for self-expression


­Students must be properly dressed out in PE clothes to participate.  This includes the following:

  • Our first day to dress out is (To Be Announced).  The PE department sells uniforms for cash only.
  • T- Shirts $10.00, Shorts $10.00, Sweatshirts $15.00, Sweatpants $15.00
    • Gold t-shirt, black shorts or black cotton sweatpants, gray sweatshirt (may not be worn inside out).
    • Any ATHLETIC shoes. (no red or blue)
    • Names must be written in black permanent marker on front of all PE uniform items.
    • School clothes may not be worn underneath.
  • Students must purchase a COMBINATION lock to secure their PE belongings.  NO sharing of lockers.  Each student is responsible for their own valuables.  Students must remember to lock up their valuables during and after class.  The PE staff is not responsible for items. 
  • Students will have 5 minutes to dress for PE. Students arriving after this time will not be allowed in the locker room to dress for class.
  • Students must stay with their PE class at all times.  They may not wander out of the area or into other PE classes.  This will constitute a cut and disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Students with a doctor’s or parent note are excused from participation but not from dressing out, except in prearranged circumstances.  Students with medical conditions that prohibit PE participation will be given additional assignments as make-up work.  Students with a doctor’s note restricting them from PE may not participate until the date on the note passes or an additional doctor’s note is obtained permitting the student back into PE.
  • Students need to listen and follow instructions the first time they are given.  No loud talking, spitting, put-downs or swearing.  Food and gum is not allowed in the locker room or in the PE area.  Horseplay and play fighting will not be tolerated.

Grading Scale                      

Department Grading Policy                                Students begin each instructional quarter with an A.















Possible ways to lose points: Grading scale:
5       suit cuts 40%   dressing out
1       tardy 40%   participation
1-3    unsatisfactory rule/safety adherences 20%   mile runs (effort, improvement, Fitness gram standards)
1-3   participation
      - effort
      - attitude

Students dress out on a daily basis.  Participation includes warm-ups, skills, drills, and activities.  The mile is a 4 lap run that is on Wednesdays.

Common Sports/ Activities
Soccer Ultimate Frisbee Hockey Basketball
Volleyball Lacrosse Softball Flag Football
Other Sports/Activities
HandBall Scooter Basketball Nutrition Curriculum Weight Training
master lock
combination lock2
Key Lock
Recommended: Standard Lock. Not recommended: "Flimsy " easy to unlock/break. No Key Locks! unless OK by PE teachers.

Physical Fitness Testing Standards, Counties, District and School PFT results
CDE PFT (California Department of Education Physical Fitness Testing